Classic PVP Videos of Archeage Review

Let’s have a closer look with the new sandbox MMO ArcheAge and other things, player vs. Player (PvP short) deal. I have picked out some good PvP videos and you do not want to you of course withheld, to give you a little look, what talented players and also creative minds there are in ArcheAge (Korea). As some of you may already know, there are three skill Trees, which can be combined together in various forms. This results in such a wide variety, so you up to 120 can cause various classes – very impressive, huh? With these classes, you can now design their own PvP class itself so as you want, and finally go into battle. Of course, there are also class constellations that actually do very little to no sense. This, however, everybody has to decide for themselves.

Battle Healer in action

The first video shows a variant of healers and damage dealers. In addition to the very successful design, dynamic music and video editing, as such, the Players skill is very easy to recognize. That’s why I have this video on place 1 of our ArcheAge placed PvP videos. The overall concept of the video is just right:

The meteor-Mage

In the second video we see a magician who can throw with meteors around, like no other. “Moment That voice again, I know that from somewhere else, those texts??”: Look your you now, the first phase of the video, is one or the other is thinking determines Well, who can guess it? Right! The good old Unreal Tournament, which has also arrived in the years now, has quite excellent with these legendary words. In the following video you can watch to get an idea on the skill of the player and the legendary words that sound in the background listening,:

An assassin who is waiting for your sacrifice

The following third video we see a melee with his great two-handed sword, which in addition has a capability of hiding in order to be invisible for enemies, even more rich capabilities list in the luggage. Of course, a strong armor that protects him against attacks, is also not a bad choice:

Pirates of the Caribbean can be yours

In another fourth video you can see PvP in a slightly different Variantion: the naval battle on the high seas. There prepare pirates fear and terror across the oceans and grab everything and everyone to who drives across the seas. Apart from the two continents East and West can also be created with pirates and exercise wild battles:

Win Time

In the fifth and last video we dedicate ourselves to the mass PvP, where players want to occupy and defend a fortress. Useful weapons, such as guns and other vehicles can be used here to attack the fortress walls – But just to cause massive damage to other players. If the area is contested, on which one of these great fortresses is, one can argue against the other continent and their fraction and a great battle results in:



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